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You wake up in your hotel bed and there has been an infection spread overnight.

You can begin searching for items at this point, but it's not necessary to pick up everything.

When you get to the emergency staircase and press X it will update the quest to have you go outside.

Proceed to jump down on the broken elevator and open the hatch.

You'll have to crouch out of the elevator.  Once out take your time collecting things until you see the infected.  Once you see them turn around and run for it.


You'll have your first chance to get the Knock, knock achievement. When you break down doors, down on the right stick will initiate a slider moving up and down. You must press up when the slider is over the red area in the center on the first try to get the achievement.


Banoi Herald Excerpt #1 - After completing the quest, you'll wake up on a bed.  You'll find it at the foot of your bed.

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