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400 XP, Nail'd Mod




Talk to Sinamoi to begin this quest.

Bring the Security Keycard to the Lifeguard Tower from Bungalow #11.  Follow the path on the mini map to Bungalow #11.  When you get there, break open the back door to get to the Lifeguard Security Keycard.


When you first go past the pool, there will be a bunch of zombies.  If you go in the pool and kick them until they fall over they will drown while underwater.


Investigation Tape #1 (Starting the Investigation) - In Bungalow #11 straight ahead on the table.

ID Card #001 - On your way back from Bungalow #11 the min map should take you past Bungalow #4 that has an open suitcase out front with the ID card.

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