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5000 XP




Talk to mother Helen after finishing the Bitter Return quest.  She will have you talk to Joseph outside.  Head to the manhole marked on the map.  Make your way through the police station.  You will come across punks with guns after the holding cells.  After you kill all the punks you will go through a door that triggers a cutscene.  Outside, talk to Jin to complete the quest and start the Faith Will Move Mountains quest.


Tape - When you get in the police station, there is a body next to one of the cars ahead to the left, the tape is next to the body.

Pistol Ammo Blueprint - When you get to the top of the stairs there is a room that you have to break the door to get in.  In that room is a thug and the blueprints are on the table.

ID Card #056 - In the holding cells area, hang a right and at the end of the cells, you can go in the last one to find the card.

ID Card #055 - After you take out the first wave of punks, it's on a desk to the right before you get to the next area.

ID Card #057 - After the second wave of punks there is a row of cubicles to the right before you move on to the next area, the ID card is on the last desk on the left.

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