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2100 XP, Diamonds


Very Hard


Talk to Sinamoi after the Seek 'N' Loot main quest to begin this quest.  You need to recover the truck from the hotel.  Go to the hotel, there are two Thugs blocking the entrance.  Kill them and use the key card on the ground to get in.

Head through the hotel and eventually you'll meet up with Mike Davies at the elevators.  Drop down and continue through.  There's only one way to go so just keep going until you reach Ken, then you must get the morphine for him.  There will be a Thug guarding the morphine.  Give the morphine to Ken and keep moving.

Eventually you'll get to Mike Davies again talk to him and he'll have you reset the servers.  There's a work bench outside the door, so use it if needed.  After switching off the terminals, talk to Mike again and head to the parking lot.

There will be a bunch of zombies, but you don't have to kill them all to get in the truck.  The cutscene will take you out of the truck, but just hop back in and drive to Sinamoi.  Talk to Sinamoi to collect you reward and start the Black Hawk Down quest.



ID Card #030 - As you walk into the hotel, it's straight ahead on a couch to the left.

Banoi Herald Excerpt #16 - In a room on the left of the hallway with light coming through the window blinds.

ID Card #028 - After you walk out of the elevator, its at the end of the room on the floor near a body.

Banoi Herald Excerpt #15 - As you make your way through the back left area of the kitchen, you'll come to a room with a luggage cart with the excerpt sitting on it.

ID Card #029 - On a shelf to the right after you walk through the shower room.

Banoi Herald Excerpt #13 - On the desk in the room with the morphine.

Banoi Herald Excerpt #14 - In the first room on the desk after you get to the new area for helping Ken.

Tape #3 - At the end of the hall overlooking the pool on a table to the left.

ID Card #026 - On the desk next to the first terminal you reset.

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