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Some basic information that will be helpful to know before you start playing Dead Island.


There are two different settings for your combat.  The default is digital which is an auto-attack when you press left trigger.  The second, more useful way, is analog.  In analog mode, you hold down left trigger and then you can use the right analog stick to control the direction of your attack.  So if you want to hit the enemy's right side you would hold down left trigger and move the right stick right to left.  Go try it out for yourself, it's pretty cool.


When you die in the game you will lose money, but usually not progress.  However the game can be janky at times and occasionally you'll get sent to a check point nowhere near where you were, which is the real threat of dying.

Achievements you will get just by beating the game:

Hell in paradise
No raccoons in here
King of the jungle
Banoi Redemption
Learning the ropes

Achievements that require CO-OP play:

Going steady
Ménage à trois
Need a hand?
People Person
Together in the light

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