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900 XP, Molotov


Very Hard


Talk to Mike outside the Lifeguard Tower to begin this quest.  You'll need to go to the gas station to get gas.  If you did the Lazarus Rising side quest just take the truck that's out front of the Lifeguard Tower there.

When you get to the gas station, talk to the guy inside.  Head out the back door and use the ladder to get in the warehouse next door.  There are a couple thugs in here but they're slow so you should be able to open the doors before that get to you.  You can also use the truck to run them over.  Once it's clear turn the switch on the generator.

With the fuel pumps working, will up an empty canister and drive it back to Mike.  After the bodies are burned, Mike will be on the roof of the Lifeguard Tower with your reward.  Talk to him again to start the continuous event Fiery Drinks

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