Infinite Tungsten Scavenger Bot Glitch and Infinite Resource Farming - Dead Space 3 wiki

Don't like Dead Space 3's 'DLC' for increasing Scavenger Bots' resource farming? Use this Infinite Tungsten Scavenger Bot glitch.


At any point in Dead Space 3, you can set a scavenger bot down on a high yield resource gathering point. Save and Quit, then run right back to the exact same high yield resource gathering point and set another scavenger bot down for additional high resource gathering!

In addition to this glitch, at the end of chapter 8, there's a special door that has its' own glitch. No need to sit around for 10 minutes waiting for your bots to work. Follow my video to find this special door that always respawns a random item every time the door closes.

You can also come back to this same door at the end of chapter 9, after you fix your RIG and do not have to worry about the cold temperatures.

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With this and Dan's guide I think the impossible difficulty will be pretty easy. Hopefully this trick works on the 360, I have noticed that items respawned whenever I loaded a game so im sure the bot trick will work as well.

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