Soldier of Fortune - Dead Island wiki


6500 XP, Cash


Very Hard


After completing the Chasing Shadows quest, talk to Matutero to start this quest.  Drive to Afran's hideout.  Once there kill the guards in the towers, then go in one of the towers and take out everyone you can with the turret.  Continue killing enemies as you make your way through the hideout until you trigger a cutscene.  After that you must kill Afran and his men.  There are some grenades ahead to your left after the cutscene.

Take out Afran's men above and to the left first.  Then you can get against the wall right under Afran and chuck some grenades at him.  You can also break down the door under him to get to where he is.  Since he has bulletproof armor your best bet is explosives like grenades, Molotovs, and Deo-Bombs.  Once you kill him get in the boat.  Get your reward from Matutero, then talk to him to start the King of the Swamp quest.

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