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Very Hard


After completing the Dante's Kitchen quest, talk to Titus to start this one.  Follow the mini-map to Block B.  There will be a bunch of tough enemies along the way so feel free to bust out the big guns and explosives.  When you get to the cell block you're better off just running for it as there are tons of enemies here.  Talk to the voice on the radio and continue on.  Eventually you'll get to Jin and Yerema, talk to Yerema then take them to the elevator.  This will trigger a cutscene, end the quest, and start the next quest Chasing the White Rabbit.


ID Card #092 - After you talk to the voice on the radio, you will come to some stairs, it's at the bottom under the stairs next to a body.

ID Card #089 - At the intersection in the sewer where you go up the ladder, go the other way up the hill and it's next to the body at the top.

ID Card #099 - At the top of the ladder in the shower room on the floor to the left of where you climb up.

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