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Throughout Darksiders 2, there are many well hidden and very powerful weapons.

Omega Blades

After getting the Deathgrip, travel back to The Shattered Forge. Backtrack through The Shattered Forge to the far west side of level B1, use the deathgrip to grab a nearby bomb, and use the bomb to destroy the gold corruption.


Damage (Fast): 73-83
Critical Chance: +7%
Special Ability: Omega Fire

The Omega Blades were built, piece by piece, from the shattered weapons of slain angels. When wielded, the Omega Blades ignite with raging fires. Each strike of the scythes can cause opponets to erupt into flames, and those flames can spread to nearby enemies. This effect, known as the Omega Fire, consumes all those who oppose the balance.

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