GnoMAD Gnome Locations - Darksiders II wiki

GnoMAD has hidden gnomes across this world. Perhaps something interesting will happen if you find them all.

The first gnome I found is in The Ivory Citadel (a very late game temple). After watering down the corruption on level 3, you can access a previously unaccessible corridor. 

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Damn that was quick, pre ordered. Eh?

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This is the first one you found? I found one earlier I think in the city of the dead. Not sure where though. It involves using Soul-Split though.

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yeah i found one in the city of the dead, soul split area where a pressure plate flips a deathgrip spot and a wall grip, one of the one u can shuffle across of cling to, not the small block that just continues your wall run.  u soul split off the plate have one copy stand on it and the othere one go to the wall grip, the first steps off and the second is on the other side of the wall in the hidden area

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