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The pages of the Book of the Dead are scattered across the realms. Collect 10 pages to form a chapter, then sell the complete chapter to Vulgrim for a reward.

  • In the northernmost corner of Stonefather's Vale
  • Along the east wall of Baneswood
  • In The Cauldron dungeon, on the second floor of the south end.
  • Inside a crate near the crank used to restore the Fire of the Mountain.
  • In a nook behind the large statue in the Great Aqueduct of Drenchfort, wall-run across the north wall.
  • In the West Tear Duct inside the broken in the north area; only access after flooding.
  • Within the Shattered Forge after the boss fight, smash all jars in the room. 

Stonefather's Vale


The Charred Pass

The Cauldron Floor 1

The Cauldron Floor 2

The Shattered Forge Floor 2

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