Nightmare Difficulty Walkthrough - Darksiders II

Nightmare difficulty is unlocked after completing the game once. In Nightmare difficulty, when you die, you have to restart the ENTIRE GAME.

Skill Point Planning

Put your first 3 points into Teleport Slash for its healing abilities, then max out the other skills that feed into Teleport Slash.

Part 01 - Intro and The Fire of the Cauldron

Part 02 - Shattered Forge and The Drenchfort
Part 03 - The Lost Temple & Construct Hulk

Part 05 - Breach Dungeon & Serpent's Peak
Part 06 - Gilded Arena & Gnashor
Part 07 - Phariseer's Tomb
Part 08 - Soul Arbiter's Maze

Part 09 - Judicator's Tomb
Part 10 - Psychameron & Achidna
Part 11 - Sentinel's Gaze, Boneriven & City of the Dead
Part 12 - Lair of the Deposed King


Difficulty Scaling Explained

Which is Faster? Running or Rolling?

Spoilers: Double rolling is about 30% faster than running

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sounds like dead space hardcore..but worse.

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We should count how many times John says "Zelda moment." I think I'm at 53.

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I'm really liking the unified font that you're putting in front of all your stuff now. Makes it really simple to see what it is, and looks nice!

LenZeppel1n's picture

I'm not sure if you've already tried this, or if it's considered cheating, but is it possible to turn your xbox off the instant that you die, so the game wouldn't recognize your death?  Or does it automatically start your game over when you die?

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Another ability worth investing in is Murder, because that can also heal you. Arcane Guard or whatever the shield ability is would also help, because it can be upgraded to last longer and reflect damage back to enemies as well as electrocute them.

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I had no idea this game was going to have a mode like this and I'm really looking forward to it. Just started an Apocalyptic playthrough and I can't wait to see how challenging it's going to be, cause I'm definitely going to do it. Good luck John, if you haven't already done it yet and I'm looking forward to the guide.

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Yeah that text on the videos, super helpful, just like this guide?

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the only reason i did this because you got me thinking about the fastest way to move without riding despair (the horse) i did find a faster way . 

you will need the meteor strike ( purchase it from thane it cost 2000 currency)

button sequence is R1,R1 X,R1,R1 R1,X, R1,R1,R1

(after three R1 buttons follow with X and repeat . ) This is for PS3 of course


XBOX 360 

Button sequence is RB,RB,A,RB,RB,RB ,A,RB,RB ,RB 

(after three RB follow it with an A and repeat )

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