I DIED DURING A PLATFORMING SECTION. I'm still incredibly pissed.

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The one fucking chance that dying from a difficult section, which shouldn't happen actually happens. What total kick in the balls; sorry about the long ass wait. Game on.

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 I guess I heard that this happened to you recently, I think you mentioned it in another vid. I am really sorry this happened to you man. I was really enjoying just sitting back and watching these as they were very entertaining. I hope you get a chance to beat this on nightmare, but I can understand not revisiting it for awhile. You two have one helluva site here and I have been benefiting from your hard work for for about a year and a half. I haven't bought any games of any type for quite some time now due to my lack of employment. This is where I get my fix. So keep up the the great job and I look forward to more of  your special brand of entertainment as well as your humor.

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I blame Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." Too bad the game cheated you like this, John. I was indeed looking forward to the rest of the guide, seeing as I don't have the anger management skills to cope with a potential death twenty hours into the game. 

If anyone is interested in viewing John's live reaction of dying on Nightmare difficulty, here's the Twitch video.

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damn that suck... when i died on that damn hulk shiet i quit too ..... RIP darksiders 2...... 

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Damn that is complete BS.  I played through the game twice and died a couple of times during that part too.  Neither was on nightmare though.  You're right, the controls on that part were kind of crappy.  There's another section similar to this later in the game in the City of the Dead dungeon.  I'm not sure if that one would also kill you on nightmare.  Thanks for the guide update and I completely understand you not wanting to finish it.  I just thought you had abandoned it and moved on to Borderlands 2.  Like you I still loved the game despite some of its flaws.  I wonder if Vigil is planning on fixing this?

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Yeah i died on that Part 5 times from small mistakes.

Was kinda wondering why it showed the Game over screen, but later on in the City of Dead it didn't if you failed the "Timed" Platform section.

Guess i got my answer now. . .

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John I feel your pain I hate bullshit deaths makes me want to break the fucking game.

1. John should drink more during guide making I would pay to see him break something in a drunken stupor.

2. John should email this to the developers and demand an apology since he wasn't supposed to die from platforming?

3. This guide is now in the fallout 3 guide pile and will never be returned to.

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I remember hearing he died on the podcast and having pepsi shoot out of my nose from laughter. That does really suck though, sorry John.

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Is the game permadeath?

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LOL- (don't ban me)

I've had something like that happen before when my save file for Far Cry 2 got corrupted 30 Hours in-I cried, so I can sympathise.

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Goddammit!  I had a feeling this would happen to you cause when I died on this platforming sequence (on normal though), I thought it was stupid for the game to not respawn me like normal platform deaths.  Don't feel too bad though John.  

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Wow, that is some hot steamy garbage! Especially since you don't die during any other platforming section in the game. I feel for ya and thanks for the tip on not doing the Spark of Life side quest while attempting Nightmare.

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I had the same problem on normal and as soon as i heard he died on a platform i figured it would be this one. Man that sucks.

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If that happened to me. I would commit mass murder. John is just holding it in, NOT GOOD. He is gonna some day crack, and sodomize dan with any semi sharp object he can find

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Well. Fuck. 

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