Part 03 - The Lost Temple & Construct Hulk - Darksiders II

Part 12 - The Wandering Stone (Sidequest)

Reward: Gilt: 2500, XP: 494

Part 13 - To Move a Mountain - Find the Lost Temple

Part 14 - The Lost Temple

Construct Sentinel fight @ 12:09

Part 15 - Construct Hulk (The Lost Temple Boss Battle)

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John, great guide so far. I thought I would mention a couple things that may help you and others out...

In one of your videos you said that the "ghouls" ability didn't interest you, because it took several points to make them worth it. While this is true, I wanted to clear up something about the perk that allows the ghouls distract the enemies. You don't need to waste a point on the skill. The enemies will go after the ghouls without it. And even though you have to invest a handful of points into the various skills to make the (up to 3) ghouls stay alive more than a few seconds, they really pay off for the enemies that can block your attacks as you can maneuver behind them.

I also heard you mention the defensive skill Aegis Guard that increases your defense and resistance greatly, gives back some of the damage and also has a lightening affect. I put many points into this one on my normal playthrough and was a bit disappointed. Just a simple equipment upgrade to one or two pieces of armor made substantially larger difference from the skill. Not worth it in my opinion. Especially on Apocalyptic/Nightmare difficulty, dodging is what is going to save you.

The offensive version of this skill works quite nicely. Even just one skill point allows you to gain a 30 point increase in strength for 11 seconds. That 30 point increase becomes a bigger and bigger bonus as your weapons get stronger. If you tack on more skill points into that tree you can gain more strength, longer time before the skill wears off, increase in crit damage and crit percent.

A quick one this time. You complained about the mini map not having the compass directions. This is annoying, I agree, but it can be somewhat remedied by making the map NOT rotate. Turn that on or off in the options. It was something little that helped a lot with keeping my orientation. 

Anyway, I know this was a long comment. Just thought I'd pass the info along.

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@KaptainKrunk I just finished playing this game on apocalyptic and i must say i dissagree with you.The ghouls while powerful vs normal enemies usually get 1shot vs the more damaging enemies even with full upgrades on health.

Now as far as the shield is conserned i'd say that you are also incorrect there.a shield that is close to being maxed out made it so that some of the more powerful bosses were barely scratching my health bar and though i do agree with you on the fact that it's offensive capabilities are less than satisfying i'd say that when someone is getting close to the end he should really consider spending a healthy ammount of points into this spell just for the defense it offers.

Lastly i will agree that the damage spell is really a great spell that shouldn't be overlooked.It is a skill that,with enough points put into it, increases your crit chance by 20% crit dmg by 40% and has a chance to attack the enemy twice with every attack you do.It also lasts for arround 13s which isn't bad at all.

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I have a question..

Does the experience you gain for leveling up come from an enemies pre-set experience you recieve upon killing them.  And if so does the experience grow determined by the difficulty level.

For instance.  Does a level 2 ice creature (in first video) give 20 experience on medium difficulty, but on Apocolyptic it gives 30?  Or is it all the same across the board?

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Guides like this really help. Not only because it shows you where everything is, but just because it's so damn hard. I was playing some CoD game on veteran and had to look at your guide for it, just to know it was actually possible. Sometimes seeing someone else do it helps a lot.

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good video i have to say the first time i died on nightmare difficulty was fighting the hulk my Ps3 kinda skipped on the disk and it was on a loading screen when it came back the boss two hit killed me TT_TT i was soooo pisssed...  

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