Part 01 - Introduction and The Fire of the Mountain - Darksiders II

The Veil and the Ice Giant Boss

Fight Ice Giant 6:20

War Boss Fight

The Fire of the Mountain 

The Cauldron Dungeon (Fire of the Mountain Quest)

Gharn Boss Battle (Cauldron Dungeon, Fire of the Mountain Quest)

Dark Avenger heavy weapon

The Maker Warrior Sidequest

Defeat the warrior Thane in a sparring match 

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I really like that nice Knights of the Old Republic sort of transit system where you can jump to town to resupply and then jump right back to where you were.

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I think you guys are the only one with this guide up. It's pretty impressive, considering all the advertising and hype. It's almost a triple A game, if it isn't considered that anyways. 

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^Agreed with ccadem. Well, now there really is one way to tell if John is the Depressed Guy.

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btw Its a possessed weapon

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I don't know if you know it now but to see those invisible creatures you get a quest from draven at the eternal throne in the kingdom of the dead and he gives you the bloodless talisman. Then you just have to equip it to interact with them.

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