Walkthrough with Commentary - Dark Souls

Starting class: Warrior
Gift: Master Key

Leveling up: Get Strength to 16 and Dexterity to 10 early to be able to equip the Drake Sword, then up to you.

There are diminishing returns for additional points in each stat, and after level 40 in a stat, the returns drop off significantly. Your goal should be to get to lvl 30 vitality and endurance.

Big thanks to pelykulax for feeding me a TON of advice & tips throughout the recording process.



Part 01 - Undead Burg
Part 02 - Undead Parish
Part 03 - Undead Burg Part 2
Part 04 - Darkroot Basin
Part 05 - Undead Parish Part 2
Part 06 - Undead Asylum Part 2
Part 07 - Undead Burg Basement
Part 08 - Depths
Part 09 - Darkroot Garden & Farming
Part 10 - Blighttown & Chaos Witch Quelaag
Part 11 - Quelaag's Domain & Demon Ruins
Part 12 - Great Grey Wolf Sif
Part 13 - Sen's Fortress
Part 14 - Great Hollow & Ash Lake
Part 15 - Painted World of Ariamis
Part 16 - Anor Londo
Part 17 - The Catacombs & Pinwheel
Part 18 - Tomb of the Giants & Gravelord Nito
Part 19 - The Duke's Archives
Part 20 - Crystal Caves & Seath the Scaleless
Part 21 - New Londo Ruins
Part 22 - Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith, and the Bed of Chaos
Part 23 - Gwyndolin

Undead Asylum Tutorial, Asylum Demon Boss and Basics of the Controls

The Basics of Melee Combat

The Basics of Souls, Bonfires, Humanity, and Dying

Before the Final Boss - Things to Know About New Game+

  • Bonfires remain kindled, so max kindle (20 estus flasks) the important bonfires.
  • Kill all NPCs and merchants to get any humanity they drop.
  • Kill all firekeepers for the firekeeper souls they drop (Anor Londo & Quelaag's Domain)
  • Enemies in New Game+ is 3x as hard as your first time through, and they drop 3x the souls as well.
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So glad to see you've already started the guide. I got stuck on a bridge with a boss before, with no indication that that's what I was walking into and I died. This game seems like it's going to be a bit more unfair than Demon's Souls was.

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This is almost as awesome as Nancy Grace farting on Dancing With The Stars (which really happened)

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From what i understand the only way to get his special weapon is to kill the stray demon as soon as you see him, meaning broken sword and no shield.

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waiting for the rest of the guide. meanwhile just grinding souls.

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You're welcome, John.

I just had nothing else to do and you learn a lot by watching pro people's streams.

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wish i could put this on dvds to see later lol

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wish i could put this on dvds to see later lol

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use Jdownload -

link all the youtube videos -

download at work - Burn the MKV files to DVD



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Dude John! Your fucking amazing man! Cause you! And your very thorough guides! I am really kicking ass on this ^_^ Much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

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Guide still holds up as does the game!

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