Chapter 5 - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Chapter 5 Part 1


Chapter 5 Part 2

This part is a bitch if you're a warrior, there's just no easy way to beat those flying things. Just run towards the area with the Rope Bow and fight them there. In that area whenever you get hurt Leanna will heal you, so that's the best spot to take all those monsters out.


Chapter 5 Part 3

There is a secret area just after Leanna opens the path for you the first time. You need telekinesis to get it so chances are a warrior will pass on this one. There was only a Superior Naga Silksword and a couple of potions.


Chapter 5 Part 4

This part is a pain in the ass for a warrior. Facing these spiders with melee is really tiring. If you keep moving on a rotating fashion though, it will decrease your chances to get hit greatly.


Chapter 5 Part 5

This area has a fight with around 10 goblins. If you want to take them out quickly, you can lure them to the cyclops and they'll stop attacking you to attack the cyclops. Also kick statues at them if you're having trouble. For some odd reason kicking statues dismembers them..


Chapter 5 Part 6

This part can be frustrating if you're not prepared, orcs deal a LOT of damage. With a fair use of scrolls and the environment though, this part can get pretty easy.


Chapter 5 Part 7

Just fight a bunch of orcs in your way to activate the elevator. On the cave with spiders part, just run away. The only loot are 2 potions, and you can just grab them and run.


Chapter 5 Part 8

That's why I told you to get that Staff of the Firelord earlier, because if you're not a warrior, you can't use the Earthfire sword. Simply drop an oil jar in front of you before placing the crystal on the pedestal and hit it with the Staff or the Earthfire sword to make it light up, then simply kick Aratrok for an easy kill.


Chapter 5 Part 9

Finally, the last video of this long ass chapter.

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