Chapter 2 - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Chapter 2 Part 1

If you're wondering why I don't impale the guards on the ground, it is because I found that by continuously slashing at them gives you much more adrenaline. So just slash away at them and kick them when they're about to get up. Don't do that when there's more than one enemy though. Also, slash at the guys on fire, they will still give you adrenaline until they drop dead.

The basic idea for this part is to build up your adrenaline to kill that guard on top of the dirt mount. I do that because he's badly positioned to get a charge attack in and attacking him will warn the other guards most of the time. By one shotting this guard you don't get seen and can get the jump on the other two guards.


Chapter 2 Part 2

No notes this time, just keep using the same tactic of the previous video. Instead of impaling the enemies on the ground, keep slashing them to get more adrenaline.


Chapter 2 Part 3

Nothing special about this part, just move on killing guards 'till the end of the chapter.

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