Part 24 - FINAL BOSS TIME - Dark Souls

Kiln of the First Flame: To the Final Boss (Part 093)

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Boss Battle (Final Boss Fight) (Part 094)

Dark Lord Ending & Credits (Part 095)

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what exactly was the bet, that you ended up in you getting $5 from??

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@itsMEorME97 he gets 5$ because this game is crazy difficult and Dan didn't think he would be able to finish the guide so they made a bet of 5$ and John did finish it so he gets the money!

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I DID IT!!!! thanks for the guide it helped a shit ton!

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That guy is really too damn easy and i don't know what my ending means, cause i just bursted into flames^^ But i read about an area called Drake Valley, why didn't you go through that? Also, will you do a further walkthrough of the upcoming DLC?


Thanks for the lot of help!

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