Part 16 - Anor Londo - Dark Souls

Anor Londo: To the Next Bonfire (Part 061)

Anor Londo: Havel's Armor (Part 062)

Anor Londo: Opening the Next Shortcut (Part 063)

Anor Londo: Giant Blacksmith & the Next Shortcut (Part 064)

Anor Londo: How to Invade Knight Lautrec the Guilty (Part 065)

Knight Lautrec the Guilty Boss Fight, Ring of Favor and Protection & Fire Keeper Soul (Part 066)

Smough and Ornstein Boss Fight (Killing Ornstein Last) & Placing the Lordvessel (Part 067)

BR4D_F3163's picture

Well done John! Was this the most challenging guide you've ever done? If not, what was?

Langis's picture

Fuck Ornstein and Smough.




Fuck them.

jbrad6's picture

dark souls never ends

Haters G0n Hate's picture

you don't finish dark souls. dark souls finishes you.

Johnny Lightning's picture

I need a video for an easy way to beat the 4 Kings of New Londo. So you know...get on that.

Adam Page's picture

so what does the fat chappy do that's different if you kill the knight first?

Johnny Lightning's picture

@deadlife47 - If I remember right she just gets some lightning powers, making her stuff a little harder to block. But, in general, because she is MUCH slower than Ornstein, she is easier to still is not an easy boss though. Just avoid the AOE attacks (but isnt that true of every boss)

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... what gave you the impression Smough was a woman? Oo

Sanfu's picture

okay clearly you dont remember the part in bayoneta where you ride a motorcycle up a rocket as its going into space

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You don't have to kill Mrs. Big tis to get to the optional boss all you need is the Darkmoon seance ring and you can get to the boss ( must be equipped obviously) you can find the ring in the catacombs, if your fighting a black knight your in the right place since i believe there is only one.

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just an FYI: in your anor londo: to the next bonfire video in the section where the 2 silver knights are shooting spears at you, if you kill the one to the left the soul you pick up is a soul of the hero which gives you 10k souls when used.

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The coward way: first kill smough: combust his ass down. Then crossbow ornstein from far; use the boulders as cover and he would only atack you with his lightning shit. Easy.

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