Part 14 - Great Hollow & Ash Lake - Dark Souls

The Great Hollow & To Ash Lake (Part 054)

Ash Lake: Killing the Serpent, Path of the Dragon Covenant, Dragon Greatsword (Part 055)

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Missing chapter? Would be cool with a discription on how you got all that awsome armor and/or spells?

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I think that the complexity of combat is not the most important thing to making gameplay good. I do think that part of it is fighting interesting and diverse groups of enemies. Lime with Team fortress 2, the gameplay is very simple, but all of the classes are very different in how they fight and how to kill them.

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I can totally see John loving the new Kingdoms of Amalur game for the GoW-esque combat. The reason I prefer the souls games over Skyrim is precisely because I like great melee combat in an RPG

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Awesome Guide, I really enjoyed watching it so far. Since you guys were talking about great melee combat in games I was wondering if any of you knows or played "Severance: Blade of Darkness". In my opinion it had a very engaging and challenging melee system; it was also quite difficult imho (many enemies could kill you with one hit combo if you were careless) and also had a stamina bar very similar to dark souls...I'd be interested in your opinions about this game if you have any

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really recommend you use the same shield John is using there. nothing else seems to block the hydra's attacks without you taking damage except for that shield.

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