Part 13 - Sen's Fortress - Dark Souls

Sen's Fortress: To the Next Bonfire

Sen's Fortress: Acquiring the Cage Key, Finding the Merchant

Sen's Fortress: Rescuing Big Hat Logan, Finding the Lightning Spear

Sen's Fortress: Killing the Firebomb Giant, to the Iron Giant

Iron Golem Boss Fight

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you should have gone with upgrading either the claymore or bastard sword they swing faster than the Zweihander and only do a little less damage.

Also for the iron golem boss if he's placed right and you make him stumble and fall you can knock him off the level for an instant kill.

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the zweihander claymore and bastard sword are only good when wielding with both hand with temple knights in demon souls use are very good when you learn to roll good enough then you can use the two handed sword's andhave the shield on the back and you be preety fast when swinging the 2handed swords :)

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when he was stunned i was at the little bridge and he fell off the bridge.

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When are you going to continue? I'm really enjoying your walkthrough, but I've reached Anor Londo and you stopped there.

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how do you know the weaknesses of each boss?

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Can't wait for this guide to start up again

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This is a really great guide and i can't wait for it to start up again. I couldnt get past the stay demon boss until i found this so thank you :D I will be counting on these guides for future help :)

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