Part 11 - Quelaag's Domain & Demon Ruins - Dark Souls

Quelaag's Domain: Ringing the Second Bell & To the Next Bonfire

Quelaag's Domain: To the Demon Ruins, and the Next Boss

Ceaseless Discharge Boss Fight

Demon Ruins: Chaos Flame Ember

MrNemo's picture

thanks for the new vids. There seems to be a big gap between part 8 and 9 though.

TheFloBros's picture

Is it just me, or did I miss something?

pypples's picture

Something is missing. His equipment changed aswell. Lets hope the material issent all gone. Doubt mr. Tarr wants to start over ;) hope the continuation from part 8 comes soon(8.2?)

Striker's picture

yes please fix... I have been enjoying your video Guide immensely!!!

Keep up the great job!!

pypples's picture

Mr. Tarr must have forgotten, or not bothered. because there are about 6videos posten on youtube, which dates before this, starting with


SO just scroll and find the next videos, you should end up where this part starts!

John Tarr's picture

WOW I missed adding a TON of videos. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll be adding them shortly.

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