Part 09 - Darkroot Garden & Farming - Dark Souls

Farming the Red Dragon Bridge

Killing the Red Dragon in the Undead Burg

Darkroot Garden: Easy Soul Farming (7000 Souls in less than 2 minutes)

Darkroot Garden: To the Moonlight Butterfly

Moonlight Butterfly Boss Fight

Darkroot Garden: Getting the Wolf Ring

Darkroot Garden: Getting the Stone Armor

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Killing the Red Dragon, easy 10,000 souls. I had the problem of the Red Dragon (One Kill Glitch), of not appearing at the top of the tower. I think you have to have the binoculars hotkeyed in your inventory, (found in the graveyard near Firelink Shrine), in order to get the Dragon to appear, when you are behind it at the top of the tower.

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i selected theif and got the master key i found the dragon crest shield infront of that dragon that looks dead know thats an easy kill with firebombs in the new london ruins. yea i went down first =-/ i put that as my shield and the sweihand ultra great sword (found in cemetery behind firelink shrine.) i ran strait past the red dragon without any damage. hide behind the wall opposite the stairs you go down to avoid he cant hit you with his breath. then make him fly out towards you he will do a strafe run with fire if u go right back in the corner with the shield up it shouldnt touch u if it does no matter it will just be a close call. onece he does the pass he will stop next to u sprint right past his leg closest to u then jump and roll to the first body collect the great sword then sprint to the bombfire he wont even atack you he once your at the second body he just continues his motion and goes back to were he sit. but know he has disapeared on me and know i know of this glitch i want him back i could use the souls. plus i cant see the vids im at school but could some one explain quickly how to get the stone armoure and wolf ring ive already killed the moonlight butterfly. how do u use its soul to make a unique weopon ? thank you for reading i love this game

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