Part 08 - Depths - Dark Souls

Depths: To the Next Bonfire, 2x Butcher Mini-Boss, Rescuing Laurentius of the Great Swamp (Part 024)

Depths: Giant Rat Mini-Boss (Part 025)

Depths: Avoiding the Curse Froggs, to the Gaping Dragon Boss (Part 027)

Gaping Dragon Boss Fight, Dragon King Greataxe (Part 028)

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If you go to the undead asylum, right when you get there on the left (if you're facing the asylum) will be a little bird's nest that'll talk to you if you walk up to it. it's hanging off the cliff somewhere but it's not hard to find. if you drop certain items in there they'll replace it with a different item and the sack that you get from killing that butcher is one of the items you can drop in there. the way to make the item change is to drop it and then quit your game, load it up again and it should have a different item in the nest. if the bird's dont say anything when you drop the item in there then you did it right. also, dont drop more than one item and dont drop stacks of items. dropping the sack in there will give you the demon's great hammer which takes alot of strength to wield and dropping the sunlight medal in there will give you white titanite. those are the only things i've dropped so far

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Were is part 26?

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Make sure to get the Spider shield in this area, it is extremely helpful in blight town since it blocks all poison attacks.  And basically every enemy in blight town can cause poison.

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I don't know if it is specific to this area, but while exploring around in human form I was attacked by an npc invader who once I killed dropped a barbed sword and shield.

They both cause bleeding damage and the shield replaces the parry with shield thrust attack.

Also, over where the curse frogs are, there is a spot which has about six of them altogether, if you manage to kill them all, there is a corpse against a wall that has (ring of the evil eye) on it, which heals you for about 30 hp every time you kill an enemy.

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i messed around with items you can drop in the bird's nest and this is everything i've found so far. first item is what you drop, second is what you get

sunlight medal - white titanite
cracked red eye orb - 2 purging stones
egg vermifuge - dragon scale
sack - demon's great hammer
dung pie - demon titanite
rubbish - titanite chunk
humanity - ring of sacrifice
twin humanities - rare ring of sacrifice
bloodred moss clump - twinkling titanite
purple moss clump - twinkling titanite
blooming purple moss clump - 2 twinkling titanite

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@Moonchild92 you mean the crow from the Storms world makes a return? awesome

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If you haven't found out with your trial run, the Drake sword's stats aren't linked to your strength or dexterity meaning it'll eventually become obsolete as it won't stack with your leveling. It's the best starting weapon available but I'd recommend picking a standard weapon you like and trying the upgrade paths (ie: giving it fire or lightning damage because lots of enemies have major weaknesses for those) while using the boss weapons that get dropped because they're awesome up to the point where you get to a new area and you can't upgrade them to match your enemies defences

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John is really at his best when the difficulty of the game is high.

Great walkthrough!

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OMG wheres BlightTown walkthrough!!?! GJ so far!

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Ive been following your guides from the beginning and they're great! But I've been waiting for the next part for like ever! And I don't think I can continue on without it :D

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After killing the giant rat using the bow method, i basically got lost and fell into the curse frogg's trap. However, I felt like being fucking Rambo and using a bow to snipe them. I got a lot of humanity, a lot of souls, and felt like a boss. Curse Frogs 0 - Dark Soul guy 1. :D

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On my first run I went straight down to the area where you can snipe the rat and jumped down, just because that's where I thought you were supposed to go.  I was able to find the shortcut to the bonfire, then continue to the fight.  However I completely bypassed half of the level and ended up never finding and killing the magic guy.  As you may notice he is actually standing directly over where you fight the gaping dragon.  So I ended up having him snipe at me with soul arrows the entire fight.  I ended up using every last flask I had during the fight...and the dragon never touched me once.  So basically MAKE SURE YOU KILL THE MAGIC GUY.  

On a side note, the dragon king greataxe is an absolute beast of a weapon, though I agree with Deadlife that the best strategy is to find a weapon that will become more effective as you level up, and upgrade it.  Especially once you reach strength level 20 (which you should be by this point in the walkthrough), there are plenty of other weapons that can be made more powerful than the drake sword.

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You forgot to kill that knight of thorns guy before killing the gaping dragon

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