Part 06 - Undead Asylum Part 2 - Dark Souls

How to Go Back to the Undead Asylum (Part 019)

Undead Asylum Part 2: Clearing the Asylum Before the Boss Fight, Finding the Peculiar Doll (Part 020)

Stray Demon Boss Fight (Part 021)

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The peculiar doll has something to do with a special enemy you can fight that's in a painting. Also was there for the live stream where you were at the bird, was a lot of fun....BARREL ROLL!

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@John Tarr I don't know if you have realized, but you have Undead Asylum Part 2 placed twice. The guides are helpful by the way, thanks. 

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Also usefull tips for this boss

- Bandits Knife [+3/+5/+10],


- Morning Star [+3/+5/+10] Wich i Recommend.

- Crest Shield [A Must Have!!].

- Magic Shield -> Buy From Griggs of Vinheim Big Hat Logan,


Strong Magic Shield -> Found in Chest in The Duke's Archives.

Fall Control -> [A Must Have!!] Buy From Griggs of Vinheim Big Hat Logan,

- Try to wear armor wich is a soft as possible to reduce the Fall Damage.


Greets Batiux.

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