Part 03 - Undead Burg Part 2 - Dark Souls

Undead Burg: Killing the Black Knight, Getting the Blue Tearstone Ring (Part 013)

Undead Burg: Killing Havel the Rock, Getting Havel's Ring (MUST DO) (Part 014)

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Not sure if you know, but the dark knights drop equipment along with an item upgrade at times.

I believe this is determined by your item drop rate at the time as my knight only got the upgrade item from the knight in the burg and parish areas, but got the dark knight shield along with the upgrade from the knight in darkroot basin, at the time he would only have 100 drop rate.

Now my thief had a different time of it. She has 4-5 humanity on her when she fought each knight, so her drop rate was about 135-140. The knight in burg dropped a dark knight sword, the parish knight dropped a greatsword, and the basin knight dropped a spear.

Going to test this out with another character to be sure of it.

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The difference between the drake sword and the black knight greatsword is the drake sword does not add strength or dex bonuses to the base damage.Also havel's ring gives you 50% of your max equip load.

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what is the quickest way to get back to this area to kill these bosses? im at the part in the parish where im about to kill the gargoyles.

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Your character looks extremely uncanny without pants on

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so i found a glitch to killing havel that you should not use just found this out. when you are at the door to havel in the darkroot basin, you can actually attack him through it if u cannot open it. i ended up killing him and dying before i was able to open the door and in the process i lost the ring. cool glitch if u actually can open the door immediately after killing him

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Um... I lured havel out of the building and then fell off the stairs to my death. He followed me down. When I go to fight him now he's not there. I think he died but I didn't get any souls or the ring. Is this possible?

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