Part 02 - Undead Parish - Dark Souls

Undead Parish: The Armored Boar, To The Next Bonfire, & Andre of Astora Blacksmith (Part 011)

Undead Parish: Clearing the Church, Getting the Fire Keeper Soul and Estus Flask +1, and a Shortcut to Firelink Shrine (Part 012)

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"Don't hide behind the door, the little night's sword can trespass doors." Isn't that right, John? xD

And about the "mistake" you and Dan were talking (the friend on-line thing), it is a mistake from a "newbye", but it is really professional to admit and correct your own mistakes.

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Alternative method to killing the Boar: If you don't have much endurance and can't stand up to more than one hit to your shield from the boar then get him to charge you and run back. Then wait for him to turn and either chuck firebombs at him or fire arrows which will auto-lock onto his hole. Any magic users, (especially Pyromancers) should have no trouble with armoured enemies in this level as most enemies I've seen so far are weak against either fire magic or soul (blue) magic

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Also for the Boar if you run into the courtyard he's in and run up the stairs to the right you can kill the archers that are up top. After that you can drop down and position yourself near one of the two fires and get the boar to charge into them which does fire damage in addition to the normal strategy of getting behind him for stabs

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The encumbrance values are actually 0-25% Fast movement and roll, 26-50% medium, 51-100% slow. If it's over 100% you can't run or roll.

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I found an easiest way of killing the boar, just kill the two first zombies, then shoot and arrow to the boar, he will come to you running and you just have to hide in the little tunnel you came from, it will then go back to its original position and you can go out and attack him from behind if he goes after you again you just have to hide in the tunnel and wait for him to go back.

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