Part 01 - Undead Burg - Dark Souls

Firelink Shrine & Early Game Items (Part 004)

Undead Burg: To The Bonfire (The Walkthrough Begins) (Part 005)

Undead Burg: Undead Merchant & A Free Light Crossbow (Part 006)

Defeating the Undead Merchant gets you a Key, Humanity, Orange Guidance Soapstone and a Katana.

Undead Burg: To The Taurus Demon (Part 007)

Taurus Demon Boss Battle (Part 008)

Undead Burg: Crossing The Red Dragon Bridge (Part 009)

Getting The Drake Sword from the Red Dragon (ABSOLUTELY MUST DO THIS!!!!) (Part 010)

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I think you uploaded the wrong video on that last one where it says you're getting the drake sword

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I think you uploaded the wrong video on that last one where it says you're getting the drake sword

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If you don't already know, covenants are kind of agreements that give you access to stuff that you wouldn't otherwise get but if you break that covenant (I don't know how but I assume it means making a covenant with an opposing faction) then you get some nasty consequences like stuff that hinders movement or poisons you constantly. As far as I can tell this only happens later in the game when you meet some nefarious covenanty guys who will give you great stuff but will punish you to the point of needing to shell out a ton of souls to fix things

Hope this was a help, keep up the good work as this has got to be a seriously difficult guide for you considering how obtuse it all is

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For an alternate strategy for the Taurus demon, buy a bunch of firebombs from the merchant, do the drop/R1 attack then back pedal while chucking firebombs. Run to the end of the wall section then roll under his legs and back pedal back the way you came until he's dead, best method if you're using a weaker class like the thief or the wanderer

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For the Taurus boss fight apply the gold pine resin to your weapon (adds lighting effect for short time) since lighting is his weakness you can do serious damage especially when doing the plunge attack, my character did somewhere around 500 or more from one plunge.

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Good tips Deadlife47 and iExordium. Do you know if there's any easy way to respawn bosses? I'd like to retry a few of them with new strats, but other than restarting from the beginning or a New Game+, I don't see how.

Also, I fixed the last video.

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@John Tarr Sorry like Demon's Souls the only way you can retry a boss is if you get summoned to someone else's world when you're hollowed (only human players can summon others) to fight that boss with them. I suggest you find someone over live that is playing Dark Souls and set up multiple runs as they get up to a boss. Otherwise it's a restart or a new game +

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I just watched giant bombs quick look of this and they could of absolutely used your help haha

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I use the Plunge atack, and go for the stairs again to do another Plunge atack (maybe 4 times), If the taurus hits you, you got a little time in top of the tower to take one drink of the good stuff before plunging... very easy. 

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