Bosses - Dark Souls

Asylum Demon

Taurus Demon

Bell Gargoyles Boss Fight

Stray Demon Boss Fight

Capra Demon

Gaping Dragon

Moonlight Butterfly

Chaos Witch Quelaag

Ceaseless Discharge

Great Grey Wolf Sif

Iron Golem

Crossbreed Priscilla

Smough and Ornstein


Gravelord Nito

Seath the Scaleless

Four Kings

Demon Firesage

Centipede Demon

Bed of Chaos

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Final Boss - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Cire Umbra's picture

Helping people kill the gaping dragon is a nice farming tool as you get 12,500 souls for each time it is defeated.

John Tarr's picture

Oh nice I had no idea you could kill him multiple times.

Cire Umbra's picture

Yeah, you can lay down your summoning sign outside where he is and just help people kill him went them summon you. You also get one humanity whenever you help some kill an area boss.

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