NG+ Walkthrough - Dark Souls 2

Getting back to the basics with WGG: walkthroughs with commentary on the hardest difficulty for the hardest games.


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Why don't you make a regular Walkthrough? :< Wouldnt that get much more views probably? Will this one help me when I play the game for the first time?

When you're on it, you can make a Demon Souls walkthrough one the way as well :P


Edit: First thing I saw was the fight against the first black knight in DS 1, because I almost sent the game back after my rage about him but didnt quite want to quit because it got so good reviews, so I found your video.

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The thing that brought me to your site was the original Dark Souls walkthrough you did.  It was so well done that I kept coming back for other games.  I've already finished Dark Souls II, but I'm looking forward to seeing if you have different strategies than me with various enemies.

I have been away from the site for a while because there wasn't anything being posted that I was interested in.  Glad to see you are getting back to your basics.

I would love to see you do walkthroughs of the DLCs for Dark Souls II as well.

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It IS a normal walkthrough...similar route through the game, just MORE enemies and harder bosses.

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Well but another big part was finding good weapons and you telling me how to level up well :/

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Back to basics, back to what made your content fun to watch. I've been following your website and watching your video's ever since NGW 2.0, which is probably more than 6 years at this point. I have to admit that last year I haven't been visiting often, because the video's I loved, the commentated guides, weren't uploaded anymore. Going back to your roots seems like a good idea, since it's what you do best.

Quick question: Are you going to find a new co-commentator for your guides? Nobody can replace Dan, but having someone else commentate with you makes the guides more enjoyable to watch.

Also, when's Pimpin' ain't easy coming?

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Splinter Cell Double Agent. The Sea of Okhotsk level was a major pain in the ass to get a 100% stealth ranking. This was when Splinter Cell games were actually based on stealth and difficult to beat. I am glad to have been with this site for the past 8 years and will continue to follow into college. I've been coming to this site since I was 11. ^.^ 

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