10 Essential Starting Items - Dark Souls 2

Finding these 10 items at the start of Dark Souls II will significantly improve your chances of survival.


  1. First Estus Flask Shard 0:00
  2. Fire Longsword 0:42
  3. House Key 1:30
  4. Second Estus Flask Shard 2:12
  5. Pharros' Lockstone 2:35
  6. Sublime Bone Dust 2:45
  7. Chloranthy Ring 3:39
  8. Halberd 4:24
  9. Third Estus Flask Shard 4:53
  10. Drangleic Shield 5:20
Ubern00dle's picture

The third Estus Flask Shard can be got much earlier than after getting the Soldier Key. You can smash open both doors with a weapon. It takes three or four hits, but they splinter eventually. That extra Flask is incredibly useful so early on, man.

BR4D_F3163's picture

The Ring of Binding which limits HP reduction when Hollowed by 25%, and stops HP reduction at 80% of max instead of 50%, is also an incredibly helpful ring you can grab immediately.  It's located right across the draw bridge at Cathedral of Blue.  Wore it for most of my first play through.

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