Bonfire to Bonfire Walkthrough - Dark Souls 2

Welcome to my bonfire to bonfire (B2B) walkthrough for Dark Souls II! This guide is a minimalist walkthrough; I will only show where the next bonfire is. I will not show you how to beat bosses or find secrets, hidden items, or enemies.

I feel that most people get stuck in Dark Souls II when they don't know where to go next, not because they are stuck on a boss or in a particularly difficult area. If this describes you, then this guide is for you.

I will also be making a full in-depth walkthrough showing how to beat and locate every boss and secret area after I finish this B2B walkthrough.

Dark Souls 2 Map

1) Majula to Forest of Fallen Giants to Cardinal Tower

2) Cardinal Tower Shortcut #1 & #2

3) The Last Giant Boss & The Pursuer Boss & Lost Bastille

4) Heide's Tower of Flame & Dragonrider Boss & Licia of Lindelt 

5) Mechanism & Huntsman's Copse

6) Huntsman's Copse & Skeleton Lords Boss

7) Harvest Valley & Fragrant Branch of Yore & Covetous Demon Boss

8) Earthen Peak & Burning the Windmill & Mytha the Baneful Queen

Great Soul #1


9) Iron Keep Bonfires and Old Iron King Great Soul Boss

10) Lost Bastille & McDuffs Workshop & Ruin Sentinels Boss

Great Soul #2


11) Lost Bastille Bonfire & Lost Sinner Great Soul Boss

12) Down the Well to The Gutter

13) Upper Gutter / Blighttown 2.0

Great Soul #3


14) Black Gulch Secret Bonfire & The Rotten Great Soul Boss

15) Shaded Woods & Statue & Ambush

16) Ruined Fork Road to Bonfire & Scorpioness Najka

17) Door of Pharros & Prowling Magus Boss & Congregation

Great Soul #4


18) Brightstone Cove Tseldora & Duke's Dear Freja Great Soul

19) Fork Road & Shrine of Winter & Drangleic Castle

20) Drangleic Castle and Dragonrider & Dragonrider

21) Central Castle Drangleic & Looking Glass Knight

22) Shrine of Amana, Next 2 Bonfires

23) Demon of Song & Undead Crypt

King Ring


24) Undead Crypt Shortcuts & King Ring

25) Dragon Aerie

26) Ashen Mist Heart

27) Memories of Jeigh

28) Final Boss & Thank You For Watching! 

bigtime's picture

Should the bonfire to bonfire guide be followed as a road map for completing the game. The reason I ask is that I've been following a walkthrough where the person has yet to come across the first great soul you get to, but he has visited an area (there was a pirate ship there) that I didn't see in your any of your videos where you approach the first great soul.

Also, you appear to be one-two hit killing everything. Are you over leveled?

John Tarr's picture

I am way underleveled for the entire walkthrough :) Knowing how to roll away from every enemy attack makes it very easy to beat any boss.

The first four great souls can be completed in any order (the first 18 videos). After that, my guide is a set roadmap for how to complete the game.

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