Soldier Difficulty Walkthrough - Crysis 2

This is my Walkthrough for Crysis 2 on Soldier difficulty. All videos are in HD quality. Enjoy.

In at the deep end

Second Chance [1/2]

Second Chance [2/2]

Sudden Impact [1/2]

Sudden Impact [2/2]

Road Rage


Lab Rat [1/2]

Lab Rat [2/2]

Gate Keeper

Dead man walking [1/2]

Dead man walking [2/2]

Seat of power

Dark heart

Samper Fi or die [1/2]

Samper Fi or die [2/2]

Corporate Collapse

Train to catch

Unsafe haven


Power out

Eye of the storm [1/2]

Eye of the storm [2/2]

Masks off

Out of the Ashes

A walk in the park [1/2]

A walk in the park [2/2] + Ending

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