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Well, it looks like I'm going to my English class a little buzzed!

If you guys are looking to do a non-FPS Drink Along next, I'd recommend playing through the entirety of the Mortal Kombat Challenge Tower.

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love these, but you have to use more camo!!

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Your ads are toying with my appetite. First I get an ad for a type of pie, which got me hungry, and then once I'm eating, it throws a cleft lip baby ad at me.

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@Part 1 What the hell is wrong with your game? The gun isn't supposed to be like that...

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In part 1 the game thinks you're held a pistol when you actually held a scarab.... what the fuck? O.o

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You guys fucking suck at this game. No offense, really. But you REALLY need to start using Armor more, and customizing your guns and using the visor more. Also, "Tactical Options Available" means there are things to check out while in Visor mode. And you can hold the left stick in to reduce recoil on any gun but it uses Energy. If you crouch while sprinting, you'll slide. You can also shoot while sliding. Shooting while cloaked reduces your energy to empty unless you have a silencer equipped. Trust me, this game is fun if you don't suck ass at it. You can use Armor mode to reduce falling damage, but you'll still die if you fall too far.

Also your vids don't work on Firefox, can you fix that?

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Yah, when you guys were talking about how the more you play the more fun it gets, I realized that is exactly what happened with me for both Crysis and Crysis 2. It is a much different game than COD and its many clones. After you get used to it, you can really begin to enjoy what it has to offer. 

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I think you can turn on subtitles on for the dialogues to solve that "I can't hear what they're saying" problem.

Anyway, good to see you guys are beginning to like it. Keep it up!

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holy fuck man, you guys fucking suck at this game. the only thing I can do is hear your videos while i do something else because it just annoys me how bad you are. Except for that I love your drink alongs. Thanks for the "hard work" and keep up the mediocrity.

PS.: Looking foward to the Portal 2 drink along.

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Whatever you do, don't do a Portal 2 drink along.

We're getting drunk here, not attempting some weird type of ritual internet suicide

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Haha, a drink along for portal 2. THat would be great. I can see it now:

Dan and John are totally hammered, and they keep falling into pits of that deathly water stuff and laughing histerically. That would take forever to complete, too XD.

Edit: Its easier to kill the aliens by putting on armor and whipping the shit out of them with your melee.

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come on man, ritual suicides are great, more so when you are drunk as fuck.

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You're so bad it hurts. But it's also absolutely hilarious to see you die at the easiest parts :)

I'm looking forward to part 3.

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You can like cloak trough 70% of the game. Supersoldier is easy

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It's kinda stupid how the last level is by far the easiest one since you got stealth maxed out and nanorecharge so you can walk past almost every enemy.

Though I like that they give me the option to play it the way I like.

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if your not paying attention alcatraz is the name of the marine that prophet gave his suit to its not saying that alcatraz prison island is in new york

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Does anyone know if what Dan kept doing in Crysis Session 1 was from The Simpons? That hyd di di do da do, sounded like a leperchan from the simpsons. Explicitd answer it in the next drink along, it's stuck in my head.

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i think your copy of the game is glitched... its normally not supposed to do that. and this must be the worst drink along so far because:

1. you guys sucks balls at the game

2. you do not pay attention to the story and start saying dumb stuff like "Hey! Alcatraz Prison Island is in San Francisco, not New York!" Alcatraz is the name of the guy you are playing as in this game!

3. i hate john for complaining about this game when he is not playing it the way it is supposed to be played (which is the fun way)

looking forward to portal 2 drink along though :)

EDIT: Ok ill take back all of those. You guys are kinda getting better at this game, and also you guys seem to be enjoying it as well. It is a good game.

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Am I the only one that can adapt to Killzone's control scheme or feel?

I spent a weekend on Killzone 3 and I was doing fine on Multiplayer.

Watching these and deciding if Crysis 2 is worth it...

GUNxSPECTRE's picture


Am I the only one that can adapt to Killzone's control scheme or feel?

I spent a weekend on Killzone 3 and I was doing fine on Multiplayer.

Watching these and deciding if Crysis 2 is worth it...

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Should've done Homefront...

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it says COCK on the side of the rocket launcher haha!

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no session 3?

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