Drink Along with Dan and John - Crysis 2

Welcome to the Crysis 2 Drink Along with Dan and John.  This is our take on a "Let's Play" where we play through a game with live commentary and make it into a drinking game.  It's broken up into sessions of play as we don't usually record a whole game in one sitting.

Session 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

MrArchebald's picture

Love this!!! Keep up the awesome work guys!!! Part 1, sorry John, was awesome entertainment!!!!!!

PS: Yay, first time first coment!!! =)

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The alcohol is telling me to thank you two, but any vomit spewing from my lips says otherwise. ;) Also, in case you haven't already figured it out, this game does have a fair number of glitches.

Part 2: Dan didn't actually need to use that code panel in order to progress. He could've gone straight to his main objective without having the suit tell him to find an alternate route.

Part 7: The machine gun turrets do not have infinite ammo, but the rocket launchers on tanks do.

Part 8: Words cannot describe the amount of facepalm required for that video.

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                                      Drink Along Rules

2-when Dan is right and John is wrong about 1st person shooters

1-when you go to an ammo box                           1-when you kill someone creatively

1-teabag                2-when you get a new gun         1-when the game steals from another game

1-Dan dies    2-John dies     1-ball smack   1-there is a lack of realism i.e. fire under water ect.

1-when you snap a guy's neck      1-when you shoot an animal   1-when you're too drunk to clap

1-when someone is in statue stiffness after death             1-when you carry a garbage can

1-when you get a colectable    1-when you get an achievement        1-when you power kick

1- when the game glitches

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nice, but I would have wanted you to start out sober! 

PS: i think you should cuz some more, cause this is a teen rated game and teens cuzz alot.

EPA1's picture

Dahn and teh Jhon are Beest. Me Gusta

Aquapit's picture

Hell yeah, good drink alongs as always!

MAGPIE's picture

These drink alongs are good for checking out the game before playing it, and iv got to say that this game would just piss me off.

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deathbycroc's picture

Perfect excuse to open the second bottle of Sailor Jerry.

Diksickle's picture

the ending to this session is amazing, but i would also like to see the ten minutes spent figuring out where you went wrong even though it glitched hahaha

Solifluktion's picture

I just love your Drink-Alongs.

Although I prefer it when you start out sober and get drunk over time. Seems more.....real ;)

Langis's picture

Boooo Crysis 2 on a console booooo

zolt's picture

Great guys! Love your Drink Alongs. This game seems like a challenging one, especially when you're drunk, so I think you should start drinking at the beginning of the DA so you can go at least a little forward in the game and we can enjoy your descent into drunkenness, cuz if you begin drunk I feel like we missed the party.

Also, love the references to South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons and other movies like 'I got it! That's the melody to Funkytown.' or John's 'Aaaaaalrighty theeen!' from Bulletstorm DA.

Anyways, I wholeheartedly support you making more Drink Alongs because it brings me much entertainment!

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so are you guys not going to make anymore walkthroughs? as much as i like drink alongs i probably like the walkthroughs better because sometimes(just this drink along and when dan was playing bulletstorm) its just frustrating to watch how bad yall play

thedoctor1994's picture

'Rush the target? Fuck. Your. Couch.'


FratasticVoyage's picture

Good work Dan.


By the way, whenever me and my friends get together to collectively play a single player game, we pass the controller every three deaths.

Batman's picture

Awesome, I love drink alongs! :D

wagon's picture

You have sprint from the get go guys... it's the same as call of duty.
Love your drink alongs as well ^_^ very funny, have watched them all.


Lfcdan1's picture


You guys should video yourselves while you do these and put it in a tiny window in the bottom corner or something.

SGTADMAN's picture

Have you guys given up on guides and decided to these instead? If so, I ain't complaining.

mannyq212's picture

You would think that if you have a red barrel in your hand, and someone shoots it, you would die. On the other hand, your character is wearing a jesus suit.

Solifluktion's picture


Laughed @ jesus suit :D

Pavan's picture

I think they should take 15 drinks when/if they complete this game.

hilikus's picture

This game...

Oh, shit. 

Goldteddy's picture

Hah id rather watch this than the HIMYM episode ive been loading for a hour!

GLaDoS 96's picture

You guys are getting faster, kudos to you.

explicit_baron's picture

Do you think Dan is fired for the slap in the nuts, like before, or is Dan locked in by contract? hehe

jbrad6's picture

y   x   b   a

Theinside11234's picture

Drinking game= every time you use a suit ability

BabyV's picture

Dan for President... OF THE WORLD!!!!

zolt's picture

Dan, you don't shoot a guy in the dick! Come on!

sargeant smiles's picture

Flares burn underwater, just so you guys know.

wogens10's picture

god i hate you guys so much for not paying attention to the story in the beginning. Now you are gonna think the game is shit :( and Dan is annoyingly bad at this game

rocker34's picture

"Quick, I need to find some guy to jerk off!" - Explicit D

OhNoMyRaisins's picture

You guys are sooooo fucking bad at this game.  As much as I love these drink-alongs, you are missing so much shit because you are drunk and it seems like you really don't like it now.  Also, the PS3 version doesn't have nearly as many glitches as the 360 version.

indi's picture

Waaay too much dicking arround in this playthrough.

Plus having to watch scenes over and over again cause you don't even try to play the game well makes this hard to enjoy.

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