Crackdown, the open-world, third-person shooter released into 2007 portrays the objective of genetically enhanced 'super agent' freeing the fictional city of Pacific City from tyranny and oppression from three different crime organisations which each harbour there own specialality: Los Muertos, the central-American based gang. The 'Volk', the Eastern European gang that specialises in explosives and Shia-Gen, formed in Eastern Asia (specific country not stated). The three 'gangs' differ in difficulty from 'Los Muertos' being the easiest and 'Shai-Gen' being the toughest. Although this is the case, being the non-linear game this is you can do these in any order.

Gameplay Trailer:

You work for the police force in a special unit made to help take down these gangs; you are a prototype that can jump super high, run super fast and take vast amounts of damage among other genetic mutations. As you progress through the game and collect huge numbers of 'orbs' these skills increase. These 'orbs' have gained infamy throughout gaming communities due to there shear amount: in there hundreds. The agency own's the huge building in the middle of the cities cluster of islands that form 'Pacific City' which is where the Agent collects his vehicles among other supplies. Saying this the Agent collects outposts throughout the city from which you can re-stock on ammo and switch guns.

The game features a Xbox Live or system-link co-op system where you can team up and complete the game together. The game holds a lot of it's popularity due to the game including the Halo 3 multiplayer beta making sales sore. Because of it's popularity a sequel titles 'Crackdown 2' was released in July, 2010.

IGN Video Review:

Xbox 360
Third-Person Shooter
Realtime Worlds
Original US Release Date: 
February 20, 2007

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