Campaign Playthrough - Conduit 2

This is my playthrough of the singleplayer campaign of Conduit 2, with live commentary. it was recorded in 720p but please keep in mind that the Wii does not do HD, so the max video quality is 480p.

Parts 01-05

Parts 06-10

Parts 11-15

Parts 16-20

Parts 21-25

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Seriously, don't waste your time with this so called "playthrough100 percent" because all he does is complain the whole game.  Total 100 percent for this 'playthrough' is false.  It's only said to make you watch and i'm going to tell ya it's not 100 percent. 

The WORST PLAYTHROUGH,'s really bad.

I came here for walkthroughs and all I got was this asshole that doesn't know how to game unless it's in HD.  In all honesty, Don't waste your time with this shitty "playthrough."  It's terrible! 

The Game, however, ROCKS!!!

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