Gems Only Guide Chapter 1 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

This guide will cover all 90 hidden gems in this epic game. This is part one.

Chapter 1: Hunting Path: Life gem: After getting knocked off your horse, turn around and pick it up.

                  Dead Bog: You'll run into the first one. After killing some goblins, continue up some stairs, drop down, and immediatly turn right for #2. You will run into the 3rd one as well. Once you beat the boss and get to the platforming, you will learn about griping. Instead, drop down for #4.

                  Pan's Temple: stick to the far right and you will eventually have the camera change and will find an EXTREMELY well hidden gem.

                   Oblivion Lake: On your main path. I mean really, where else would they put it in this level, on the boss?


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