Support Package - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wiki

Points Required Reward Description
4 UAV Sweeps the area to show any enemies not using Assassin
5 Counter UAV Jams enemy radar
5 Ballistic Vests All team members get an overall health increase for 30 seconds
5 Airdrop Trap A booby-trapped care package is airdropped
8 SAM Turret A Surface to Air Launcher, which is used to take out enemy aircraft
10 Recon Drone A remote controlled drone that can tag enemies
12 Advanced UAV A more sophisticated UAV system that sweeps much quicker than the standard UAV
12 Remote Turret  
14 Stealth Bomber A B-52 Spirit, undetectable by enemies, delivers a bombing map over the map
18 EMP An electromagnetic pulse is deployed near the map, disabling enemy electronics
18 Juggernaut Recon The player is given a suit of heavy armor that greatly increases resistance to small-arms fire and explosives
18 Escort Airdrop An Osprey delivers multiple care packages

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