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4 Care Package
5 Predator Missile, Sentry Gun, IMS
6 Precision Airstrike
7 Attack Helicopter
9 Strafe Run, Reaper, AH-6 Overwatch
10 Assault Drone
12 Pave Low, AC-130
15 Assault Juggernaut
17 Osprey Gunner



5 Counter UAV, Ballistic Vests, Airdrop Trap
8 SAM Turret
10 Recon Drone
12 Advanced UAV, Remote Turret
14 Stealth Bomber
18 EMP, Recon Juggernaut, Escort Airdrop 



Specialist Poinstreaks work differently compared to the others in that instead of getting sentry guns and stealth bombers, you gain perks. Each two points you have the ability to unlock an additional perk (With the exception of overkill) up to three perks. Once you get eight points all the perks become available to you in a reward known as "Specialist". Each action you do that would normally get you points has the chance to net you an additional 50 points as a "Specialist Bonus".


The MOAB, or Mother Of All Bombs, as is it's own best, is available to all Strike Packages (Even Specialist). A MOAB can be activated when 25 points are achieved, or 24 with Hardline. (Specialist also includes Hardline). The Blast will take ten seconds to arrive after being called in and will kill all opponents on the map, leaving them in an EMP'd state for a minute after "fallout" and give the team who called it in with an advanced UAV(I'm not sure about the UAV).

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