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In Spec Ops, levels are split into two categories, Mission levels and Survival levels. Mission levels will resemble the Spec Ops levels from Modern Warfare 2 where players complete objective in order to progress, whereas the new Survival levels puts the player in situations similar to Halo's Firefight mode and Gears of War's Horde mode, where players repel increasingly difficult enemy waves until they're overwhelmed.

Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops will have a built in matchmaking system. Players in Modern Warfare 2 are required to have a friend online to play co-op missions, whereas in Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops will be more accessible. 

Player can now access a feature called Armory in Spec Ops. Armories allows players to purchase new weapons, as well as restock their ammunition, midgame.

The following list contains the speculated names of the Spec Ops missions, which remain unconfirmed at this time.


  • Carbon
  • Dome
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Village



  • Civilian Rescue
  • Flood the Market
  • Invisible Threat
  • Little Bro's
  • Out of Africa
  • No Fly Zone
  • Wing Man



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