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  • Seatown - A coastal town. Narrow streets bring hectic, close encounters.
  • Dome - Small outpost in the desert. Fast and frantic action.
  • Arkaden - Medium sized German mall. Intense Search & Destroy games.
  • Bakaara - Crash site in an African city. Classic urban combat.
  • Resistance - Parisian district. Great for Domination and Kill Confirmed.
  • Downturn - Urban map with wide streets. Good for long and short range fights.
  • Bootleg - Medium sized Asian market. Fun for all game modes.
  • Carbon - Medium sized refinery. Great for any number of players.
  • Hardhat - A small construction site. Fast paced, close quarter action. 
  • Lockdown - European city center. Great for Team Defender.
  • Village - Large African village. Great for all game modes.
  • Fallen - Derelict Russian ghost town. Great for careful, tactical engagements.
  • Outpost - Large Siberian airbase. Great for epic large battles.
  • Interchange - Destroyed freeway. Great for a wide range of spaces and styles.
  • Underground - Small subway station. Fast paced action both inside and out.
  • Mission - African colonial settlement. Fight to control the center.

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