Assault Package - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wiki

Points Required Reward Description
3 UAV Sweeps the area to show any enemies not using Assassin
4 Care Package Calls in a airdrop containing a random pointstreak
5 I.M.S. A proximity explosive that detonates upon nearby enemies
5 Predator Missile A missile deployed from an UAV drone is remotely controlled by the player
5 Sentry Gun A movable automatic turret that uses a laser sight to detect players not using Blind Eye
6 Precision Airstrike An airstrike, its direction controlled by the player, is called in.
7 Attack Helicopter An attack helicopter is called in.
9 Strafe Run A strafing run consisting of 5 Attack Helicopters pass through the map
9 Little Bird Guard A Little Bird is called in as the player's personal protector 
9 Reaper A missile is deployed from a MQ-9 Reaper
10 Assault Drone  
12 AC-130 The player controls an AC-130 gunship
12 Pave Low A heavily armed assault helicopter is called in
15 Juggernaut The player is given a suit of heavy armor that greatly increases resistance to small-arms fire and explosives
17 Osprey Gunner Control of the gunner for a V-22 Osprey is given to the player

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