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Damage 155-55 (135 Direct Impact)
Magazine Size 1
Unlocked at Level 14
Starting Ammunition 1 + 1
Maximum Ammunition 2 + 1
Fire Mode Single-shot
HUD icon

Unlike the undermounted grenade launchers, the Thumper has iron sights the player can aim down to. This makes it better than both the M203 and the GP-25, as in hardcore game modes the cross-hairs are not there. It also starts with two grenades without the Scavenger perk. When hip firing, the iron sights are brought up for the shot, much like the RPG-7 (It can be hip-fired in singleplayer). Even while aiming down the sights, there is a noticeable delay between pressing the fire button and when the grenade is actually launched. This delay makes firing accurately more difficult, as the player must compensate for this whilst moving. As with the other grenade launchers, grenades that impact a solid object before they reach a certain distance from the user will not explode, but will still inflict damage which will still kill an enemy in one shot, even at full health with the exception of Painkiller.

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