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Tier 1
Unlocked at 13
Pro Unlock 100 Resupplies

Allows the user to replenish their ammunition. When used, blue packs will appear on corpses that will restock the player's ammo, grenades, and equipment.


  • Scavenger Pro I: Pick up 10 resupply packs. 
  • Scavenger Pro II: Pick up 25 resupply packs. 
  • Scavenger Pro III: Pick up 50 resupply packs.
  • Scavenger Pro IV: Pick up 100 resupply packs. 
  • Scavenger Pro V: Pick up 250 resupply packs. 
  • Scavenger Pro VI: Pick up 500 resupply packs.

Pro Version

Starts the player out with the maximum amount of ammunition.


  • It's not recommended to use Scavenger with Light Machine Guns because of their larger magazine sizes
  • Using this with Danger Close and Grenade Launchers will grant you an unlimited amount of very lethal Grenade Launchers.
  • A common tactic is to use Scavenger with Claymores, giving you an unlimited supply of Claymores. This is especially useful in defending buildings.

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