Riot Sheild - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 wiki

Damage 50
HUD Icon
Challenge How To Complete  XP Reward
Veteran I  2 Kills w/ Shield Melee Attack  500
Veteran II  5 Kills w/ Shield Melee Attack  1000
Veteran III  15 Kills w/ Shield Melee Attack  2500
Smasher 3 Kill Streak with the Riot Shield  500
Back-Smasher  Kill an enemy from behind  100
Sponge I  Absorb 1000 damage w/ Riot Shield  500
Sponge II  Absorb 10000 damage w/ Riot Shield  1000
Sponge III  Absorb 50000 damage w/ Riot Shield  2500
Bullet Proof I  Deflect 1000 Bullets w/ Riot Shield  500
Bullet Proof II  Deflect 10000 Bullets w/ Riot Shield  1000
Bullet Proof III  Deflect 50000 Bullets w/ Riot Shield  2500
Unbreakable I  Deflect 10 Explosions w/ Riot Shield  500
Unbreakable II  Deflect 50 Explosions w/ Riot Shield  1000
Unbreakable III  Deflect 100 Explosions w/ Riot Shield  2500

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