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Challenge How To Complete Title Unlock Emblem Unlock XP Reward
Free-for-all Victor I Place top-3 in 3 Free-for-all matches   500
Free-for-all Victor II Place top-3 in 5 Free-for-all matches   1000
Free-for-all Victor III Place top-3 in 10 Free-for-all matches   2500
Team Player I Win 5 Team Deathmatch matches   500
Team Player II Win 15 Team Deathmatch matches   1000
Team Player III Win 30 Team Deathmatch matches   2500
Search and Destroy Victor I Win 5 Search and Destroy matches   500
Search and Destroy Victor II Win 15 Search and Destroy matches   1000
Search and Destroy Victor III Win 30 Search and Destroy matches   2500
MVP Team Deathmatch Play Team Deathmatch and get the top score overall 1000
Hardcore Team Player I Win 1 Hardcore Team Deathmatch matches   500
Hardcore Team Player II Win 5 Hardcore Team Deathmatch matches   1000
Hardcore Team Player III Win 15 Hardcore Team Deathmatch matches   2500
Sabotage Victor I Win 5 Sabotage matches   500
Sabotage Victor II Win 20 Sabotage matches   1000
Sabotage Victor III Win 50 Sabotage matches   2500
MVP Team Hardcore Win a Team Hardcore match with the top score 1000
Bomb Down Kill a bomb carrier in Sabotage or Search and Destroy 1000
Bomb Defender I Kill 3 enemies while they are defusing the bomb   500
Bomb Defender II Kill 10 enemies while they are defusing the bomb   1000
Bomb Prevention I Kill 3 enemies while they are planting the bomb   500
Bomb Prevention II Kill 10 enemies while they are planting the bomb   1000
Defuser I Defuse 2 bombs   500
Defuser II Defuse 10 bombs   1000
Last Man Standing Be the last man standing in Search and Destroy   1000
Saboteur I Plant 2 bombs   500
Saboteur II Plant 10 bombs   1000

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