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  • Afghan: A large desert level. The level has a large crashed cargo airplane in the center with a cave system in the mountain next to it, along with a large hill. Across from the cave system is a man made concrete bunker and a poppy field.There are also radiation areas at the end of the map.
  • Derail: An arctic map featuring a small town and train loading station on each end with a creek running underneath a train wreck in the center.Possible sniper buildings on one side off the map nearest to the pylon.
  • Estate: Wooded level surrounding an estate and nearby power station. The level is sloped downward with the estate at the top, based on the campaign level Loose Ends
  • Favela: A shanty town level based on the slums of Rio De Janeiro. The level has a slope throughout the map, along with several story buildings most of which are rooftop accessible.
  • Highrise: A level taking place on the rooftop of an unfinished construction site. There are two office buildings on each side with a below level tunnel leading to each base. There are heli-pads, cranes, and other smaller structures accessible to the player.And a possible sniper position featured on a platform lift where the player can access from the crane.
  • Invasion: A middle eastern town with a diner, bank, and garage. Lots of street to street fighting, based on the campaign level Team Player.
  • Karachi: Large, compact city located in Karachi, Pakistan with mostly mid-range combat.Various camping positions.
  • Quarry: A large level taking place in a rock excavation site. There several buildings and water tanks surrounding a two-story central structure accessible from a cat walk or ground level.
  • Rundown: A rural town separated in two by a ravine crossed by several bridges.
  • Rust : A small, fairly open oil derrick in the middle of the desert. Lots of open ground with some cover and a tower in the center. It is the small oil derrick seen in the background at the end of Endgame.There is a pipe/pole that players can climb up to access the tower.
  • Scrapyard: An airplane scrapyard, based on the campaign level The Enemy Of My Enemy.Players can get on to the plane by getting on the van then jump onto the plane by this.
  • Skidrow: A series of apartments, stores, and diners in a small, abandoned American town. Lots of straight-up firefights as well as some elements of long-range combat such as multi-level buildings.
  • Sub Base: A snowy submarine base with office buildings, barracks, hangars, and docks located in Russia, based on the Campaign level Contingency.
  • Terminal: An airplane terminal, based on the Single Player level No Russian.
  • Underpass: In the rain under the remains of an underpass. Mostly long range fighting to close range fighting (sniping and sniper-hunting).
  • Wasteland: An open grassy level taking place near the Chernobyl Nuclear reactors, clearly visible in the background. There is nothing but open cover except for a bunker in the center of the map accessible from three sides. Based on the Call of Duty map Brecourt and loosely based on the Call of Duty 4 level All Ghillied Up.Alike afghan there is radiation nearing the end of the map (note. this will kill anyone outside the area eventually so avoid this.)

Stimulus Package maps

  • Bailout: A large map that features apartment buildings, houses, and parking lots. This map features various styles of fighting, from close-quarters in the buildings to long range firefights outdoors.
  • Storm: A large, two-storied warehouse with an industrial park outdoors and an intense storm.
  • Salvage: An outdoor map that features a junkyard, and two buildings.
  • Crash: A fan-favorite from Call of Duty 4, featuring many small buildings, streets, sniping positions and a crashed helicopter.
  • Overgrown: A wide, open map with lots of vegetation and cover. It is a favorite of players (especially snipers) of Call of Duty 4.

Resurgence Pack maps

  • Carnival: The map is centered around a desolated amusement park and includes attractions such as a roller coaster and fun house. The map size is large with long sight lines. It takes place during day. [1]
  • Trailer Park: The map is centered around a mobile home park. The map size is small with tight corridors and run-and-gun type combat. It is reported that set in context of the game, this is the living quarters of the people who run U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437, which is visible in the background.
  • Fuel: It is focused on long range combat. It is divided into two main sections, with one part being an oil refinery with warehouses and the other part being open land. This map contains similar qualities of other maps, including the size of Wasteland and the terrain of Rust.
  • Strike: A map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it is a large town.
  • Vacant: A map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It is a small map that is set in an abandoned office building.

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